COVID-19 linked to male infertility; Why Facebook banned a period ad; and how miscarriage forced one woman out of her job.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • COVID-19 could cause male infertility, according to a new study

  • How miscarriage forced one woman out of her job

  • Scientists discover how ovaries maintain female fertility

  • The true value of a fertility and family building employee benefit

  • The mom who agreed to carry her daughter's baby

What’s New:

Facebook banned a video ad by leak-proof period pants brand Modibodi for depictions of menstrual blood. (The image above is a still from the video.) The platform initially requested the removal of three scenes from ‘The New Way to Period’ ad that uses the color red to represent menstrual blood, before retracting its decision. Modibodi’s commented on Twitter:

“We’re pleased to share that Facebook has reconsidered its position on our 60-second film, so we can continue our mission to open people’s minds by taking the stigma out of what is a perfectly natural bodily function.”

Some parents of babies born to surrogates have found themselves barred from entering the US to unite with their children since the pandemic hit.

Combining the Femtech wave with traditional women’s health means a $50bn “enticing market opportunity” by 2025.

Singapore proposes paying citizens a baby bonus amid fears of coronavirus fertility slump.

Perla Health launches platform to demystify Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

ELANZA Wellness interviewed by Women of Wearables on the future of healthtech.

From The Experts

  • Pregnant women are likely to have mild covid-19 cases but suffer prolonged symptoms, study finds. Brittany Shammas / Washington Post

  • COVID-19 could see U.S. population shrink faster: the predicted population of the U.S. over the next two and a half decades is expected to be substantially impacted. Willem Roper / World Economic Forum

  • Embarking on a fertility journey in your 40s and 50s. Dr. Abayomi Ajayi / The Punch.

  • The true value of a fertility and family building benefit. Lisa Greenbaum / EBN

  • Planned Parenthood has released two guides to inform voters where candidates stand on reproductive rights. Johanna Silver / Now This

  • The pandemic shows a better way to handle abortion. The Economist

From The Patients

  • A trans Amazon worker told his bosses he was pregnant. He says he was ‘harassed’, demoted and forced to lift heavy items. Patrick Kelleher / Pink News

  • Mom agrees to carry her daughter's baby in ultimate act of love: after watching her daughter struggle with infertility for years, Julie Loving stepped in with a life-changing offer. Kate Hanson / NBC Philadelphia

  • Punished for baby loss: how miscarriage forced one woman out of her job - “If you’re going to sit there being sad and bring the office down, you can go," her boss said. Aasma Day / HuffPost

  • 6 personal stories of strength when facing fertility struggles. Alex Peters / Vogue

  • The business of being born: unpacking fertility & wealth in the United States. Nikesha Elise Williams / She Knows

Science & Ethics

  • COVID-19 could cause male infertility, according to a new Israeli study.

  • Meanwhile, sperm donation rates in the country skyrocket amid coronavirus crisis, with rising unemployment. Celia Jean / The Jerusalem Post

  • How an egg cell's 'operating manual' sets the stage for fertility: recently published work from Carnegie's Allan Spradling and Wanbao Niu revealed in unprecedented detail the genetic instructions immature egg cells go through step by step as they mature. Their findings improve our understanding of how ovaries maintain a female's fertility. Carnegie Institution for Science / Science News

  • Research request: The UK fertility charity the Progress Educational Trust is asking former patients to complete a brief, anonymous online survey on the UK 10-year storage limit for social egg freezing, as part of their campaign to #ExtendTheLimit. If you know of someone who has frozen their eggs for social reasons, do please forward the survey link to them:

Thought for the day

“Fertility meant nothing to us in our twenties; it was something to be secured in the dungeon and left there to molder. In our early thirties, we remembered it existed and wondered if we should check on it, and then—abruptly, horrifyingly—it became urgent…”

-- Ariel Levy

In case you missed it

  • Sperm donors are almost always white, and it's pushing Black parents using IVF to start families that don't look like them. Angela Hatem / Insider

  • Pregnantish Survey Reveals Why Millennials Leave Fertility Clinics. Cision


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