Insomnia and pregnancy; How menopause changes your brain; And why American women are delaying motherhood.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Insomnia and pregnancy

  • Colorado’s baby bust

  • The surprising good news on how menopause changes your brain

  • Why are American women everywhere delaying motherhood?

  • Finding a fertility clinic in California

What’s New:

Vogue reports that Adidas has become the first major sportswear brand to produce period-proof activewear. It says it hopes to improve sports participation for millions worldwide.

A jury has awarded patients $15 million in a landmark case over embryos and eggs destroyed in fertility clinic tank failure - with the storage tank manufacturer admitting liability.

Meanwhile, could humans make babies on Mars? Scientists have discovered that sperm can potentially survive on Mars for hundreds of years, meaning that humans could possibly reproduce on the Red Planet in the future!

From The Experts

  • What to know about insomnia and pregnancy. Catherine Renton / Very Well Health

  • 4 ways to treat period cramps that actually work. Tessa Petak / InStyle

  • How to find a fertility clinic in California. ELANZA Wellness

  • 360: Baby bust? Colorado has one of lowest fertility rates in the country and is already seeing the impact. Nicole Brady / Denver 7

  • Why American women everywhere are delaying motherhood. Stephen Speranza / New York Times

From The Patients

  • “My fertility journey didn’t have a magical ending, but here’s how I got a happy one.” Jill Feig / Huffington Post

  • Male factor infertility and the identity crisis that followed: “my wife let everyone assume she was the one dealing with infertility.” Andrew Burlinson / Romper

  • Why more women than ever are freezing their eggs. Stephanie Haney / WKYC

  • Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy gets real about the vulnerability and isolation of going through IVF. Leigh Weingus / Parade

  • Pregnancy-friendly hair, beauty & wellness. Hazel Byrne / Vanity Fair

Science & Ethics

  • Smoggy air might raise black women's odds for fibroids. Denise Mann / WebMD

  • AI's ability to predict egg quality. Digital Journal

  • New hope for infertile men – could mice hold the secret? SciTechDaily

  • The surprising good news on how menopause changes your brain. Sumathi Reddy / The Wall Street Journal

  • Reversible birth control can’t cause infertility or affect future pregnancy. Healthline

Thought for the day

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr. Seuss

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