Feb 8, 2021 • 20M

Closing the Gender Data Gap in Health

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Expert guest interviews on all the things that can move the dial on our reproductive wellbeing and fertility: including lifestyle, science, technology, and relationships. Hosted by Brittany Hawkins and Catherine Hendy, founders of ELANZA Wellness.
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Ep. 5 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast

The "gender data gap" in medical research is now well documented. But what is being done to close it? Hear from one of the organizations at the forefront of pioneering research, whose discoveries are leading to new treatments, cures, and better quality of life for women of all ages around the world.

About this episode:

Wellbeing of Women's Laura Neale and Dr. Ed Coats, a fertility specialist, talk to ELANZA Wellness’s Catherine Hendy about what the gender data gap means when it comes to reproductive health and advancements on the horizon that will help close it.

Many things we take for granted today emerged from research funded by UK-based charity Wellbeing of Women, including the use of ultrasound monitoring and the importance of taking folic acid in pregnancy, plus Sir Henry Kitchener’s ground-breaking discovery linking HPV to cervical cancer - all of which have positively impacted countless lives.

In this episode, they discuss ongoing vital research, how funding into health issues like endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage is allocated, and what individuals and companies can do to help advance scientific understanding in reproductive health.

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