Can 1 extra hour of sleep boost fertility? The health of IVF babies; And Hilaria Baldwin's sixth child.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Can 1 extra hour of sleep boost fertility?

  • Hilaria and Alex Balwin’s sixth child arrives home

  • US sperm export industry uncovered

  • The health of IVF babies

  • How age impacts male fertility

What’s New:

Baldwin baby #6: Hilaria Baldwin has welcomed her sixth child with Alec Baldwin less than six months after giving birth to the fifth, raising speculation over the details of the child’s birth. The Baldwins had not publicly announced they were expecting another baby. Hilaria Baldwin, who faces ongoing questions over allegedly faking a Spanish identity, revealed on social media that they had named their daughter Lucia.

Reproductive health data weaponized: Chinese officials have reportedly released private medical data and information about Uighur women’s fertility, sexual relationships and STD history. Human rights campaigners claim this is aimed at discrediting the female Uighur witnesses behind recent reports of abuse amidst mounting global pressure on state officials over their treatment of the minority group. 

Breath testing: Just six months after launching in the UK, Austrian femtech pioneer breathe ilo  - which makes the world’s first CO2-based fertility tracker - announces a €3 million funding round to invest further into the market. 

From The Experts

  • The pregnant women being forced out of the workplace. Emine Saner / The Guardian

  • Male fertility: how age affects men’s chances of having children. Michael Caroll / The Conversation

  • America’s love of free markets extends to its fertility clinics. Thanks to an absence of regulation, America is a notable exporter of human sperm. The Economist

  • The future of fertility: How is fertility faring in 2021, and will the pandemic have an impact? Kate Haylor / Chris Smith / The Naked Scientists podcast

  • Yes, the COVID “Baby Bust” is real — unless you’re rich. Natalie Gontcharova / Refinery29

From The Patients

  • What’s it really like to freeze your eggs in a pandemic? 3 women share their stories. Bibi Deitz / Covateur

  • “I tried an at-home fertility test. Here's how it went.” Rachel Moss / Huffington Post

  • “We couldn’t afford fertility treatment so we risked finding a sperm donor on Facebook.” Dr Faye Kirkland / BBC

  • “I had a fertility MOT at 35 and it’s made me realise we need better conversations around having children.” Marisa Bate / iNews

  • “I’m struggling with fertility & wish I could tell my coworkers.” Refinery29

Science & Ethics

  • The health of IVF babies: what do we know? What do we need to find out? Annabel Slater / BioNews

  • An extra hour's sleep could boost women's fertility, study finds. A study of sleep patterns of women struggling to conceive found they slept on average an hour less than their fertile counterparts. Matthew Watt / Telegraph

  • Does allowing social egg freezing have inadvertent consequences? Strait Times

  • Spain's oldest new mum, 69, loses custody of IVF twins. Milo Boyd / The Mirror

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