A life coach's top strategies; New endometriosis treatment; And Khloe Kardashian talks IVF.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • The Apple Women’s Health Study releases findings

  • Launch of ELANZA’s Whole Patient Care Pledge

  • Top strategies a software engineer turned life coach uses on his clients

  • Impact of bodybuilding on male fertility

  • Patient shares her experience of a new endometriosis treatment

What’s New:

Whole Patient Care Pledge Launch: This week ELANZA Wellness launched the Whole Patient Care Pledge. The 4-pillar pledge includes 1) Mental and emotional health; 2) Lifestyle counselling; 3) Patient-centric operations; and 4) Diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Are you a fertility clinician that believes these pillars are important aspects of clinical care? Sign the pledge here

  • Are you a current or past fertility patient that believes whole patient care is needed?  Share your story to drive positive change. Thank you for adding to this vital conversation!

Biodegradable pregnancy tests: Startup Lia launched an FDA-approved, flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test

Fired for pregnancy: An Italian volleyball club has sued one of its players for contract breach after she became pregnant. The Guardian reports that politicians and Olympics chiefs have backed Lara Lugli, who was fired and is now being sued after requesting back pay.

From The Experts

  • Engineering your early middle years: the top strategies a software engineer turned life coach uses on his clients. Mike Tamayo / Optimizing Fertility podcast

  • 7 questions OBGYNs wish people would ask them when pregnant. Grace Wade / Insider

  • Lawmakers may expand fertility benefits for US Veterans. Military Times / NYPost

  • Bodybuilders who use steroids may suffer long-term testicle damage, and it could affect their fertility. Kelsie Sandoval / Insider

  • An update to living systematic review on Covid-19 in pregnancy. The BMJ

From The Patients

  • The breast cancer survivor covering fertility preservation costs for others. Asia Grace / NYPost

  • Khloe Kardashian reveals she underwent 3 IVF cycles. Mark Gray / Wonderwall

  • “How a new endometriosis treatment changed my life.” Sarah Campbell / BBC

  • The reality star ready to raise a baby alone after fertility treatment. Verity Sulway / The Mirror

  • Three families, one sperm donor: the day we met our daughter’s sisters. Kate Burt / The Guardian

Science & Ethics

  • False claims tying coronavirus vaccines to infertility are driving doubts among women of childbearing age. Ariana Eunjung Cha / Washington Post

  • Women with polycystic ovary syndrome at significantly increased risk of COVID-19, study finds. University of Birmingham

  • The Apple Women's Health Study finds period symptoms similar across demographics. Laura Lovett / MobiHealth News

  • Irish mother loses court battle over negligence in fertility treatment, after doctor admits making a “terrible mistake.” Mary Carolan / Irish Times

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Thought for the day

“The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

- William Osler

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