You wanted to get pregnant - then the pandemic hit. Now what?; The new hand-held fertility breath test. And 10 things nobody tells you about freezing your eggs.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • You wanted to get pregnant - then the pandemic hit. Now what?

  • The launch of a new hand-held fertility breath test.

  • The ‘Uterus Collector’ reportedly performing suspect hysterectomies on immigrant women in a Georgia detention center.

  • The single best friends who got pregnant at the same time using sperm donors.

  • The largest study to date comparing frozen and fresh eggs has reaffirmed comparable outcomes in fertility treatments.

What’s New:

A breath-based fertility test has launched in the UK following a £4.4m investment. The handheld device, by Austrian tech start-up ‘breathe ilo’, uses breath analysis to track fertility and menstrual cycles by measuring the breathe’s CO2 saturation levels, which it claims is a first in the UK and world. 

Glow Inc. must fix privacy flaws in its app, pay a $250,000 penalty and consider how privacy and security lapses in its fertility-tracking app could impact women in a first-of-its kind settlement with California’s attorney general, reports Bloomberg Law

A ‘Uterus Collector’ is reportedly performing suspect hysterectomies on immigrant women in a Georgia detention center, according to a nurse whistleblower. Elle reports. 

Japan's PM frontrunner vows insurance coverage for fertility treatments, says Reuters.

Thousands in China test positive for a bacteria that will adversely affect men’s fertility.

The US should brace itself for a “national wave of fertility fraud” says the lawyer handling the prosecution of two fertility doctors who allegedly used their own sperm a generation ago to get women pregnant without informing them. He claims that hundreds of fertility fraud cases will emerge across the US as people begin to investigate their geneology using home DNA testing kids.

From The Clinicians

  • You wanted to get pregnant - then the pandemic hit. Now what?

    “Pregnant women’s immune systems are repressed, making them more vulnerable to infections.”

    Six OB/GYNs appraise the situation. Bibi Deitz / Covateur

  • This PCOS Awareness Month, Dr. Jerrine Morris from UCSF answers key questions about the condition and treatment. ELANZA Wellness.

  • Safe Surfing: The Pros and Perils of Social Media. Dr. Kenan Omurtag, Associate Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Washington University St. Louis School of Medicine, discusses the use of social media in the field of infertility, exploring the way infertility practices use social media to educate and market to patients. SART Fertility Experts podcast.

  • The Impact of Food and Fitness on Fertility: A Discussion With Dr. Geraldine Ekpo. Aji Oliyide / Sway

  • 7 of the biggest sexual health taboos for young people, according to experts. Sabrina Barr / The Independent

  • ‘GUYnecology’: The Missing Science of Men’s Reproductive Health.” Yale sociologist Rene Almeling discusses the launch of her book on why men’s reproductive health matters. Mike Cummings / Yale News

From The Patients

  • 10 things nobody tells you about freezing your eggs. Sophia Money Coutts / Vogue

“Going to a fertility clinic on your own can feel quite lonely...wherever you end up, it might feel an alien, clinical place if you’re there on your own.”

  • ‘My best friend & I are both single & got pregnant at the same time using sperm donors – we’re raising our girls together.’ Jess Bell & Josie Griffiths / The Sun

  • 'My rare genetic condition didn’t stop me having a baby on my own.' At the age of 30 and without a partner, Daniella Reynard, who has Apert syndrome, decided to go it alone with IVF. Daniella Reynard / The Telegraph

  • 'Infertile' single nanny sells house in 4-year £50,000 fight to achieve baby dream. Lucy Notarantonio / The Mirror

Science & Ethics

  • A new population-based study has shown that women with a longer reproductive period had an elevated risk for dementia in old age, compared with those who were fertile for a shorter period (in terms of the total number of years from starting menstruation to menopause). This provides further support for the hypothesis that estrogen affects the risk of dementia among women. The study shows that risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease increases successively for every additional year that the woman remains fertile. Science Daily

  • ‘Bilge, booze and misogyny: why I'm outraged by a new idea to police pregnant women.’ In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has advised that women drinking even a glass of wine could have that marked on their medical records, which would then be transferred to her baby’s records. Zoe Williams / The Guardian

  • The largest study to compare the viability of frozen and fresh eggs has reaffirmed comparable outcomes, but only when the efficiency of the freezing procedure – and eggs loss at thawing - are taken into account. Focus on Reproduction

In case you missed it

  • The real reasons miscarriage exists – and why it's so misunderstood. The New Scientist reports on research that reveals that miscarriage serves a critical role in human evolution – and in some instances, may even be associated with optimal fertility. 

  • Writer Twitter melts down over Reddit guy who depicted a uterus inflating like water balloon - a new contender for the worst anatomy fail yet!


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