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Why we built the discovery platform: for patients, by patients

Did you know the most important factor for a person when choosing a fertility clinic is that it feels like a “fit” for their own unique needs and personality?

At ELANZA Wellness we interviewed over a hundred patients to sift out what matters in the process and how to get people to the best help, faster.

Here’s what we learned…

1/ The fertility journey is often overwhelming and the right support is not easy to find.

People say they felt “lost in the numbers” trying to evaluate success rates. Beyond knowing a clinic is above the national average, weighing up success rates that split percentage points can add to the confusion of the process.

“For most of the larger clinics, you're going to have very similar success rates. What's more important is that you get what you need to succeed for you as a unique individual.”

- Carolyn Givens, MD at Pacific Fertility Center

2/ Many people go for consultations at clinics they are unlikely to choose.

The reason people go along to several costly consultations before selecting one eventual care provider is to understand more about the approach of the doctor and clinic staff (as well as get a second or third opinion).

3/ When we asked why they chose one clinic over another during this evaluation, people said they ended up picking the doctor that they clicked with

Along with proximity, price point and performance (success rates), personality is a key driver of what makes someone opt for care at one center over another.

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So we’re making the process more straightforward for everyone involved…

At ELANZA, we believe:

  • No one should have to waste time or money before finding a clinic and doctor that matches their personal needs

  • Clinics should be able to spend their time doing what they do best: treating people

  • People and personality matter: so let’s bring it to the forefront of this process

By showcasing the personality of each doctor and clinic, our new clinic discovery platforms help people navigate this essential aspect of the decision-making process.

Get a feel for each doctor’s unique approach

  • Full-access to detailed information and videos on each clinics’ approach to patient care.

  • To hear directly from doctors and can compare personalities to find the perfect level of attention and support they need. Each doctor provides their approach to patient care, helping prospective patients discover if the doctor suits their own needs.

  • Higher levels of trust and confidence that they have made the right choice in a doctor / clinic, which can directly impact levels of stress.

Get to know other members of the clinic staff

When you’re at the clinic, you interact with a lot of people outside of just the doctor.

Interviews with key staff like nurses and medical assistants helps people get a feel for the type of people they may be in touch with on a consistent basis.

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