The TikTok trend showing we “don’t take women’s health seriously"; The fivefold increase in egg & embryo freezing & why 35 is called a fertility cliff

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • The TikTok trend showing we “don’t take women’s health seriously.”

  • A new JAMA study finds a “substantial increase” in the number of private equity companies  buying up women’s health-care providers.

  • Age 35 isn’t a fertility cliff. Why do we think it is?

  • Around 20% of women who freeze their eggs are not sure if they want children - what it feels like to be one of them.

  • Should a Christian clinic be required to provide IVF to lesbian couples?

What’s New

Refinery 29 reveals women are using TikTok to share and document serious medical issues from ovarian cysts to miscarriages that have been underestimated or minimized. The Veteran’s Association doesn’t cover fertility treatments for unmarried veterans or same-sex couples: meet the vets trying to change that. In the UK, the number of people choosing to freeze their eggs or embryos has increased fivefold since 2013, according to data from the country’s regulator the HFEA. A new JAMA study finds a “substantial increase” in the number of private equity companies buying up women’s health-care providers. Carrot, the fertility benefits provider for employers, has raised a $24m Series B funding round. National Geographic says the pandemic highlights why women need better doctors. And a Scottish mother of a dead transgender girl is launching a legal bid to preserve her sperm so she can have a grandchild.

From The Clinicians

  • 2 West Coast fertility doctors (Dr. Lora Shahine and Dr. Temeka Zore) reflect on amplifying Black voices in medicine through #ShareTheMedicalMic. Corinne Whiting / Seattle Refined 

  • “Age 35 Isn’t a Fertility Cliff. Why Do We Think It Is?” asks a private practice OBGYN. The data that first suggested this was an important age is outdated, but somehow the idea has stuck. Why? W. Spencer McClelland MD / Slate

  • Fertility doctor Aimee Eyvazzadeh and couple Anna Wang and Jeremy Tu share their experiences with IVF fertility treatment during a pandemic. Betty Nguyen / Pix11

  • What Fertility Doctor Lucky Sekhon MD (of RMA New York) Wants You To Know About At-Home Insemination. Molly Longman / Refinery 29

    From The Patients

  • Covid stopped my egg-freezing but now I’m back at the fertility clinic — in a gingham face mask. Sophia Money-Coutts / Evening Standard

  • What it’s like to battle endometriosis, freeze your eggs and face infertility at 28 years old (and single). Jess Katz / Shape 

  • How swimming kept me afloat during fertility treatment. Lisa Niven-Phillips / Harper’s Bazaar

    “What if I fall in love at 38 and am flooded with maternal longing?”

    Around 20% of women who freeze their eggs are not sure if they want children – this is what it feels like to be one of them. Rose Hartley / Guardian

  • Texas couple share photographs from surrogate birth after spending $151K to complete their family. Lydia Catling / Mail Online

  • Paris Hilton Credits Kim Kardashian For Decision To Freeze Her Eggs. Catherine Armecin / IBT

  • Gabrielle Union reveals multiple doctors misdiagnosed her fertility issues... before she and Dwyane Wade welcomed a daughter via surrogate. Brain Marks / Daily Mail

  • Kristen Wiig Reflects on "Isolating" IVF Journey and Fertility Struggle. Jess Cohen / E Online

    Science & Ethics

    • Ever wondered if a Christian clinic should be required to provide IVF to lesbian couples? MedPage Today put this ethical dilemma to vote, with 42% respondents answering yes and 58% no. A renowned bioethicist provides analysis of the issues, saying: “IVF is increasingly considered a fundamental healthcare intervention closely related to the right to procreate.” Jacob M. Appel MD, JD / MedPage Today

    • ‘Disgusting’ study rating attractiveness of women with endometriosis retracted by medical journal. Gabrielle Jackson / Guardian

    • Rates of OHSS in assisted reproduction continue to fall. ESHRE Staff / Focus on Reproduction


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