The COVID vaccine and problem periods; A Yale professor on how fertility clinics can better meet patients' needs; And how to spot the earliest signs of menopause.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Can the COVID vaccine affect periods?

  • How fertility clinics can better meet patients’ needs, by a Yale professor

  • IVF ‘add ons’ under the spotlight

  • How to recognize the start of menopause

  • Endometriosis diagnosis by ultrasound

What’s New:

A whole lot of podcasts!

🎙️  A Yale professor talks to us about how fertility clinics can better serve their patients. The interview covers her research findings from decades of studying fertility treatments. Read, hear or watch the wonderful Dr. Marcia Inhorn here.

🎤 We’ve been busy on the other end of the microphone, too - you can hear ELANZA’s interview on the #1 FemTech Focus podcast, FemTech Focus! Check out the episode with Dr. Brittany Barretto on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music.

🎧 The Daily podcast by The New York Times last week ran 2 back-to-back episodes - ‘A Population Slowdown in the US’ and ‘A Shrinking Society in Japan’ examining the shock statistics around declining birth rates in the US and in developed countries globally. The analysis gives context to the predicted astronomical rise in fertility treatments over the coming years.

From The Experts

  • How the COVID-19 vaccine may affect your period (and what to do about it). Anika Nayak / Huffpost

  • Late periods after stopping birth control. Zawn Villines / Medical News Today

  • How to recognize and treat perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Dani Blum / The New York Times

  • Researchers urge caution over use of unproven, costly IVF ‘add-ons’. Wendy Tuohy / The Sunday Morning Herald

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome and the skin. Janelle Nassim, MD and Kristina Liu, MD / Harvard Medical School

From The Patients

  • It is time to reassess our obsession with women’s fertility and the number 35. Arwa Mahdawi / The Guardian

  • 8 Things I’ve Learned From 4 Failed IVF Cycles. Thompson Payton / Self

  • I Froze My Eggs After Getting Diagnosed With Endometriosis In my 20s. Anon / Refinery 29

  • What is male infertility: causes and treatments for men who suffer. Kait Hanson / Today

  • Women are sharing their fertility stories with Rebel Wilson in response to her own struggle Olivia Harvey / Hello Giggles

  • Period power: Could your menstrual cycle actually boost your fitness goals?/ Abi Jackson/Independent

  • Think You Have Adenomyosis? This might help. Nikolina Ilic / Women's Health

Science & Ethics

  • Standard IVF is fine for most people. So why are so many offered an expensive sperm injection they don’t need? Robert Norman and Ben W. Mol / The Conversation

  • Study reveals no negative effect of COVID vaccination on male fertility. Lakshmi Supriya, PhD / News, Medical, Life Sciences

  • Male infertility: the West's hidden pandemic. Benedikt Schwan / World Crunch

  • Systematic evaluation of endometriosis by transvaginal ultrasound can accurately replace diagnostic laparoscopy. Goncalves MO, Neto JS, Andres MP, et al / MD Linx

Thought for the day

“If you don’t set your own agenda, somebody else will.” 

- Melinda Gates

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