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Quickfire NIAW roundup

Here’s what went down this National Infertility Awareness Week…👇🤗

We want to celebrate the CHAMPIONS from 22 leading fertility clinics that joined us on the journey to change fertility care by signing the ELANZA Whole Patient Pledge!

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📣  The “can’t miss” quotes from our expert interviews…

“The difference, I think, between the clinics - certainly where I felt more comfortable - is keeping⁠ the patient and the life that's trying to be created at the heart of everything. Remembering that for them, this is one of the most physically mentally, emotionally financially challenging things that they're going to go through.

And it's huge, it's life changing - or potentially life changing - and being able to talk to them, all of the time almost making them feel like they're the only patient, that there's compassion and empathy and understanding of what they're going through is really important. You want to feel like you're a real person and also that your contributions and your thoughts are valued. That your questions aren't⁠ too much.” - Emma Menzies⁠

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“The rates of anxiety and depression are very, very high in fertility patients. It is such a stressful process and it taps down into the most primal part of us that yearning to build a family.

And so when it doesn't work or when there's obstacles or snags, it just grabs hold.” - Dr. Lauren Berman, ASRM⁠

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"If you take a poll of society and you say: 'is fertility a male or a female related issue?' It's almost exclusively said to be a female related issue.

But in reality, it takes two to create a life and really the impetus is on both a man and a woman." - Tom Smith.⁠

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🟠This was #wearorange day at ELANZA!

Raising visibility of infertility with a little help from our friends at Techstars NYC…

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💭 Thought for the day

“We grow by making little great changes.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

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