How much does IVF cost? Can AI solve infertility? And rebranding "geriatric" moms.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • “Geriatric” mothers: is it time for a rebrand?

  • Is the COVID vaccine causing periods to return post-menopause?

  • Can AI help solve infertility?

  • 10 things to know about female fertility

  • How much does IVF cost?

What’s New:

💰 Ro, a digital elective care and telemedicine provider announced yesterday that it has acquired Modern Fertility, a fertility testing company “north” of $225 million.

🩺 Only half of uninsured women in the US have been to an ob/gyn provider over the past 3 years, says the Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2020 Women’s Health Survey.

🖱️ We’re gearing up to unveil our brand new Clinic Discovery platform! So many people told us they hit ‘analysis by paralysis’ and decision-making overwhelm when evaluating fertility providers. So we made it 10x better. The new search tool streamlines the process of finding the right fertility support and highlights the things that really count. Look out for the launch email! Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak…

From The Experts

  • The pandemic disrupted tens of thousands of IVF cycles. Alissa Greenberg / PBS

  • Better way of preserving eggs for IVF could boost parents’ chances of having kids. Study Finds

  • 10 things to know about female fertility, from freezing eggs to age and lifestyle: Every woman needs a reproductive life plan. Gemma White / Lifestyle

  • How do you convince people to have babies? Stephanie Hegarty / BBC News

  • Sperm deliver signals to female reproductive tissues to increase the chances of conception. Emily Henderson / Medical Life Sciences

From The Patients

  • Naomi Campbell’s baby: The growing list of celebrities using IVF and surrogacy to become mid-life mums. The Western Australian

  • How much is IVF? Surrogacy? Adoption? How 3 families navigated the cost of parenthood. Katie Primm and Rheana Murray / Today

  • OPINION: ‘Geriatric pregnancy?’ outdated words for fertility, motherhood get an upgrade. Nedra Rhone / The Atlanta Journal

  • Learning to live with low fertility. Paul Krugman / The Business Times

  • Period-related advertising used to trade in shame and secrecy. How far have we come? Belinda Sommer and Emma Nobel / News

Science & Ethics

  • Post-menopausal women report periods coming back after having Covid vaccine. Researchers are investigating whether disruption to the menstrual cycle is caused by jabs after hundreds of women described the symptoms. Joe Pinkstone / The Telegraph

  • Could COVID-19 vaccine cause male infertility? The answer is nuanced. Nicole Villalpando / Austin American Statesman

  • New findings offer potential to improve embryo grading for IVF. Cambridge Network

  • Can AI help end the misery of infertility? Tal Shahaf / YNet

Thought for the day

“There is only one corner of the world you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.” 

- Aldous Huxley

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