Has the pandemic made periods worse? When pregnant women should get the vaccine; And how to practice self-care during fertility treatment.

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Self-care during fertility treatment

  • Study shows pandemic stress has made periods worse

  • New York’s same-sex fertility coverage

  • When should pregnant women get the COVID vaccine?

  • The case of the serial sperm donor

What’s New:

It’s been announced that New York is fast-tracking fertility coverage for same-sex couples. From Thursday, they will be able to access fertility services without first paying out of pocket for months of fertility treatments - this brings coverage in line with that provided to heterosexual couples.

Melissa DeRosa, aide to Gov.Andrew Cuomo said:

“Family planning is a profoundly personal and emotional journey and it should not be made harder by bureaucracy.”

Meanwhile, a new Los Angeles-based fertility startup, Mate Fertility, is opening a chain of clinics they say are “open to everyone.” The inclusive mission was born out of the founders Oliver and Gabriel Bogner (who are brothers) personal fertility struggles. Gabriel, who was an IVF baby himself and who is a member of the LGBTQ community, has spoken about family planning services not always being welcoming places for the gay community.

Ava, a digital healthcare company focused on women's reproductive health, has announced it has received FDA clearance for its Ava Fertility Tracker bracelet, making it the first and only FDA-cleared fertility tracking wearable. 

From The Experts

  • American’s fertility rate needs a policy boost: population stability was never something the U.S. had to worry about, but now it needs a plan. Noah Smith / Bloomberg Opinion

  • How to practice self-care during fertility treatment: the top 5 takeaways from a panel discussion with a fertility doctor, a naturopath and a meditation leader, as well as former patients - hosted by Kindbody. ELANZA Wellness

  • Robotic endometriosis surgery leads to better fertility preservation outcomes, says surgeon with 10 years of experience performing robotic gynecological surgical procedures. Dr. Peter McGovern / News Medical

  • When should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine? Is it better to be vaccinated against the coronavirus early in pregnancy, or closer to your due date? Here's what we know so far. Catherine Pearson / Huffington Post

  • Closing the gender data gap in health: an interview with Wellbeing of Women, the organization that funded the research that discovered ultrasound, the impact of folic acid in pregnancy, and the HPV and cervical cancer link. ELANZA Wellness

From The Patients

  • Freezing eggs…then what? A New York ad exec shares her journey to motherhood. ELANZA Wellness

  • For some single women, the pandemic means rethinking the route to motherhood. Ellie Austin / Wall St Journal

  • “I did not want a timeline or age to dictate my decision to have children” - Indian-American influencer Deepica Mutyala tells Vogue India why she froze her eggs. Pooja Shah / Vogue India

  • “I split with my ex, then chaos set in”: Why we need to talk about life in the flux years. Susan Griffin / Metro

  • Iskra Lawrence talks period bloating and normalising our bodies after pregnancy. Nathalie Owen / Cosmopolitan

Science & Ethics

  • Research shows lifestyle changes in the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the patterns and symptoms of people’s menstrual cycles. Georgie Bruinvels / medRxiv

  • Devious sperm 'poison' their rivals, forcing them to swim in circles until they die. New research shows that sperm are “ruthless competitors” who aren't above poisoning their brothers. Brandon Spektor / Live Science

  • The UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has issued new draft treatment recommended options for severe pregnancy sickness. NICE

  • The case of the serial sperm donor: One man, hundreds of children and a burning question: Why? Jacqueline Mroz / New York Times

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