Mar 11, 2021 • 23M

Engineering Your Early Middle Years

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Expert guest interviews on all the things that can move the dial on our reproductive wellbeing and fertility: including lifestyle, science, technology, and relationships. Hosted by Brittany Hawkins and Catherine Hendy, founders of ELANZA Wellness.
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Ep. 8 of the Optimizing Fertility podcast

In this episode, a software-engineer-turned-coach explains how to apply tried and tested change methodologies to realize the life you want.

Mike Tamayo has nearly 30 years experience in the technology industry as an engineering leader and now as a Co-Active coach. Join us to learn how he helps people concept-model their lives and help them design a plan to optimally work through all stages.

Software engineers rarely come up with a perfect product at first attempt. Instead, iteration – or continually improving a product through collaboration, feedback and analysis – is essential to building a successful product that meets real-world needs. It’s less about following a set format and the “right” thing to do, more about discovering and refining the right steps for the situation at hand.

ELANZA’s Brittany Hawkins talks to Mike about how those experiences in his past career inform fresh perspectives in his coaching, how to identify your true values, current barriers, and how you can convert your goals into a blueprint for life.

Mike Tamayo has had a three decades long career in the technology industry as an engineer, leader, and coach, at companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. He helps clients with personal, leadership and executive coaching.  Be the first to quote ELANZA to book a free 30 minute discovery session with Mike!