Can you inherit stress? Secondary infertility; And is embryo screening reliable?

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Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Can you inherit stress?

  • Secondary infertility guide

  • Finding a fertility clinic in NYC

  • Treatment delays and IVF outcomes

  • Is embryo screening reliable?

What’s New:

Fertility updates: this week with a global perspective…

🍼 A South African woman has given birth to 10 babies in what she says was a natural conception. Guinness World Records is investigating the case of the decuplets to confirm if the birth sets a new world record.

🇫🇷 In a legal shift, France has given all women the right to IVF. Women in same-sex partnerships or who are single will be entitled to IVF and other fertility treatment. Previously, the law discriminated against these groups. The reform sparked a few dozen protesters from conservative and Roman Catholic groups in Paris.

📢 In the UK, the competition watchdog and Advertising Standards Authority have warned IVF clinics not to 'guarantee success' as they launch crackdowns on over zealous marketing claims. Meanwhile, campaigners say there’s a 'gay tax' on National Health Service fertility treatment.

🥚Meanwhile, Singapore’s ban on egg freezing is forcing rising numbers of people to travel overseas for the procedure. Despite its very low birth rate, huge demand because of changing social dynamics and mounting pressure, no overturn of the ban seems likely. The National Council of Churches of Singapore even issued a statement calling elective egg freezing a "profoundly selfish act”, saying that women should instead be encouraged to have children earlier in life.

From The Experts

  • Could the PGT-A preimplantation genetic screening actually rule out viable embryos? Researchers have found that embryos often develop into healthy babies regardless of whether or not they’ve been blacklisted by the test. Katherine Fenz-Rockefeller / Futurity

  • Can you inherit stress? A study of sperm reveals a link to mood. Katie McBride / Inverse

  • How to find a fertility clinic in New York City. ELANZA Wellness

  • A guide to secondary infertility: what it is and how to manage it. ELANZA Wellness

  • Black OB-GYN residents treat patients who might have never seen a provider of color — ‘And now there’s five of us.’ Alison Bowen / Chicago Tribune

From The Patients

  • Women who can't afford IVF describe their 'shame' over turning to fundraising sites like GoFundMe. Rebecca Speare-Cole / Health

  • “Everything I learned about IVF, I learned from Phoebe Buffay.” Angela Hatem / Motherly

  • When your biological father is your mother's fertility doctor: DNA tests reveal cases of 'fertility fraud'. Kevin McCoy / USA Today

  • From 'geriatric pregnancy' to '35+ pregnancy:' There's a better way to talk to pregnant people. Elissa Strauss / CNN

  • Actor Odette Annable reveals third pregnancy loss in a touching Instagram post. Sarah Jacoby / Self

Science & Ethics

  • A delay in IVF treatment up to 180 days does not affect pregnancy outcomes in women with diminished ovarian reserve: The study for this year’s Human Reproduction annual meeting keynote lecture found that a treatment delay of up to six months had little effect on outcome, even in ‘time-sensitive’ poor responders. Dr. Phillip Romanski / Focus on Reproduction

  • The IVF cases that broke birthright citizenship: How the U.S. had to rethink its definition of parenthood, to account for children born abroad to American parents using egg and sperm donors or surrogates. Sarah Zhang / The Atlantic

  • Mitochondrial donation: potential legalisation of the mitochondrial donor IVF procedure that could help Australian families ‘break the genetic chain’. Rafqa Touma / The Guardian

Thought for the day

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it's the ability to deal with them.” - Steve Maraboli

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